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The Swedish National Courts Administration

The Swedish National Courts Administration is a state authority reporting to the Government and functions as a service organisation for the Swedish courts. The Swedish National Courts Administration does not have any powers to make decisions over the final judgments or decisions of the courts.The function of the Swedish National Courts Administration is to be responsible for overall coordination and common issues within the Swedish Judiciary. The work also involves providing service to the courts, the regional rent and tenancies tribunals and the National Legal Aid Authority.

This may involve issues concerning personnel development, education and information, preparation of regulations, advice and instructions and responsibility for the operation being conducted in an efficient and easily accessible way for the citizens.

There are 5,500 people employed within the Swedish National Courts Administration's area of operation. The expenditure amounts in total to 6 billion kronor annually.


The operations of the courts should proceed in the best interests of the citizens. This involves, among other things, reducing times from crime reports to judgment and the enforcement of penalties.

For the courts, the objective is to determine cases and matters in a legally secure and efficient way. The function of the Swedish National Courts Administration is to create the preconditions for the courts to be able to satisfy the goals set by the Government and the Riksdag.

The goals that the Swedish National Courts Administration must satisfy relate, among other things, to efficient and appropriate allocation of resources, to promoting increased collaboration, both within the Swedish Judiciary and between the courts and with other public authorities, and similarly to be a driving force and a support in work with reforms and improvements within the courts.

Terms of Reference govern the operation

The document that governs the Swedish National Courts Administration and the operations of the Swedish Judiciary is the Government´s Terms of Reference.

The Terms of Reference is a document issued annually that contains overall rules and guidelines for how the Swedish National Courts Administration, courts and boards should work. The Government states in the Terms the objectives of the operation and what appropriations have been made available to the Swedish Judiciary. Special assignments are also commissioned through the Terms of Reference.


The Swedish National Courts Administration was established in 1975 in Jönköping and is headed by a Director-General.

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